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Daniel Balbo

Daniel Balbo passed away unexpectedly on March 24, 2020. He was married to his high school sweetheart, Mary Lou, for almost 40 years. He was a loving father to Deanna Benjamin and Daniel Balbo Jr. He was known as grandpa to five special grandchildren, Avery, Alexa, Alivia, Celeste and Reese. Dan was one of the hardest workers any of us ever knew. From an early age he knew he wanted to be a fisherman. After high school Daniel followed the family tradition of becoming a commercial fisherman and went on to captain his boat, The Hunter. Daniel was a lifelong resident of Gloucester, MA and loved all its traditions. He especially loved celebrating the St. Peter's Fiesta and being a seine boat champion. He also was an avid boater and enjoyed his bicycle rides around Cape Ann. Anyone who knew Dan, never had a bad thing to say. We are reminded daily of his handsome smile and those beautiful blue eyes. Each time someone gives their condolences, they have such wonderful memories with him. There is no doubt in our minds that he loved us with all his heart. As hard as he fought and as many times as he tried treatment, alcoholism ultimately won. It is a vicious, progressing disease. Slowly over the years it continued to ruin his relationships, his occupation, and his health. On March 24th, his heart finally told him enough was enough and he was taken from us.   


Dan's absence leaves a huge hole in all our hearts. He is missed immensely but we have to believe in our faith and pray that he is no longer suffering internally from this awful disease. Addiction does not define the husband and father he was for so many years. This disease was much stronger than him. He will be remembered by his grandchildren for only the happy memories and the rest of us have to hold on to the happy times but not forget the hard times. 


In his memory we hope others will be able to get into recovery and follow through treatment to its fullest potential. We pray that others can be strong enough to stay in treatment, complete all the steps and live a long, happy sober life.  Dan's life can be honored by memorial contributions in his name to "The Sunrise Fund." Thank you and God Bless. 

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