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An Update from The Sunrise Fund

We wanted to update the community on what has been happening with The Sunrise Fund this summer!

Since we received the grant from the Cape Ann Community Foundation, we also have decided to join the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce!  We feel this move was very important in becoming a part of the community and having another source with which to share our events and information.  The Chamber does a lot for our community so it only feels right, since we plan on doing a lot for this community as well. 

Any future fundraisers and events will be posted to their website and social media so keep an eye out!  We plan on having at least one more fundraising event this year.

Have a suggestion for an event? Send us an email! 

The Sunrise Fund is very excited to share that we funded our first month of treatment for a recipient on May 26th 2019.  The person is a Cape Ann resident and was funded a month in a sober living house in Portland, Maine.  Their sober living assignment was recommended after they completed a few weeks of self-funded treatment at the Plymouth House in New Hampshire.  They have remained sober for almost two months now and continuing their recovery back here in Cape Ann!

Two weeks ago, two more people reached out for help from us.  After some long and difficult talks with the family and the addicts themselves, we got one into detox and then into The Plymouth House in New Hampshire for a month of treatment.  The other potential recipient’s plan fell through because the court system had their own plan they were instructed to follow.  They are both motivated to get better and we are very hopeful that the treatment they receive will help them overcome this struggle.   

Three people from Cape Ann have chosen to better their lives and two of them with the help of the Sunrise Fund. 

We started in November 2018 with a goal of helping our first recipient in the Summer 2019.  We are fortunate to say we reached our first of many goals with our mission of helping addicts overcome this disease. If you are suffering or know anyone who is, please reach out.  Each case we help with is completely confidential so people do not have to worry about their personal information being released or shared with anyone. 

We are so proud to be a part of this amazing community and thankful for it helping us build a stepping stone to recovery that will be a great resource for many people.  We hope to have some more good news and updates soon. 

Thanks for reading,

Jackie Latham 

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