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Beverly Softball Tournament for Opioid Awareness

We all know that one of the only ways we are going to help tackle the opioid crisis is to bring awareness to this giant issue. We would like to send a huge shout out to Jenn Carter who put on a softball tournament in Beverly in August as a fundraiser for opioid awareness.

This cause is especially near and dear to our hearts because it is actually the last softball tournament Jill got to play in the weekend before she passed away last August. Part of the proceeds of the tournament went to two different organizations that help people with active addiction, one was the North Shore Recovery High School in Beverly and the other was the sunrise fund. They generously donated $1000 to the fund. We are so grateful they chose us as one of their donees, and the people that these funds will help will be even more appreciative when their lives are completely changed because of events like this. Thanks Jenn and all of the players who were involved!

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