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2nd Annual Jillian Latham Memorial Softball Tournament

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Another annual Jill Latham Memorial Softball Tournament 2-2 for the books! Saturday, September 28th was a heartwarming, motivational, and emotional day. We had a big Co-ed softball tournament in honor of Jill and this year all proceeds were donated to the sunrise fund.

All together the event raised $4751.00! There are many people to thank that made this day happen:

Stacie and Matt Nicastro- Stacie helped collect numerous donations and bring the event together. They also brought the enormous grill that was borrowed from the JJ nicastro events (thank you Jon Nicastro as well) And Thank you Matt for being the grill master for most of the day!

Jess Delisi- Thank you for making the shirts, gathering sponsors and putting the event together.

Shawna Palmintieri- Thank you for helping shop for all the concession supplies and also pulling the whole tournament together as well.

Amanda Goveny- Thank you for getting teams together and making sure everything was completely legit, not too mention being another huge part of putting the event together.

Sadie Mello- Jill’s favorite niece was the head of the concession stand and helped out immensely in taking in all the proceeds for the day.

Jennifer Beliveau of Jennifer Lee Photography- Thank you for taking pics of the day!

Lou Mcgrath- Thank you for umpiring and getting a crew to help out as well!

Thank you to all the people that donated the 15+ raffle items and baskets.

Thank you to all the businesses that sponsored the T-shirts:

Cape Ann Oil, Cape Ann Travel Service, Captain Hook’s, Celia’s Flowers, F/V WEBB II , Gloucester Boxing, Hoots and Moots, KC White Contracting Inc., Maki’s Moving Co., Marissa and Mike Goodwin, Paramount Financial Solutions, Polaris Sheet Metal, Seasonal Control, The Bridge, and Wolf Hill

And last but not least the volunteers!

Thanks Cat, Emily, Marissa, Krystle, Jess, Jenna, Alicia and all the softball players!

Congratulations to team Sky for winning the whole tournament! Jill would be proud.

As hard as it is to come to this tournament every year, it is always worth it in the end. Jill’s happy place was with all of these girls and guys whenever she played softball, which was one of her main passions in life. It was a beautiful sunny day filled with all the people that she loved, and we thank everyone that was a part of it. :)

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