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Helpful Links

The Plymouth House - A recovery retreat in Plymouth NH focusing on the 12 steps as well as a multitude of focus on social, mental, and physical recovery

The Brook retreat- A Structured Sober living house for men located in Plympton MA, focusing on the 12 steps for recovery mentally and spiritually.

H.O.W. House- A sober house in Dorchester MA for women with 30 days sober or currently past steps 1-7 in the 12 step program.  

Recovery Centers of America- A detox center located in Danvers MA dedicated to detoxification and treatment of addiction.

Serenity at Summit​- A drug treatment center focusing on detoxification, acute treatment, outpatient and residential care located in Danvers MA.

Wenham House- A Men's Sober living facility in Wenham MA dedicated to the recovery and freedom of addiction through full immersion into the 12 steps. 

ADcare​- An inpatient detoxification and treatment center located in Worcester MA.

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